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No Appointment Necessary for People in Pain!

See Us for Invisalign® in London, Ontario

Wouldn’t it be great to have a beautiful smile while you work on creating your beautiful smile? It’s possible with the translucent teeth-aligning trays of Invisalign®. London, Ontario, patients of Dawn Dental Centre have long relied on our orthodontic treatments to correct gaps, crooked, misaligned, and crowded teeth through the use of Invisalign® and traditional wire-and-bracket braces. 

But, how does Invisalign® work? Invisalign® uses clear, medical-grade acrylic teeth-aligning trays to gently push teeth into the correct position. Every three weeks (approximately), just pop into our office and receive your next aligner in the series. (Don’t worry; we’ll remind you when you’re ready to step up to the next level.)

If you’ve done your research and feel this method of correcting your teeth is right for you, call Dawn Dental Centre for a consultation on Invisalign® in London, Ontario. Or, to learn more about Invisalign® and how it may be able to help with your tooth alignment goals, just continue to read the information contained on this page.

But, isn’t Invisalign® Expensive?

While Invisalign® aligners are slightly more expensive than traditional braces, a vast majority of patients feel the benefits far outweigh the added cost.

What’s it Like to Wear Invisalign® Trays?

Like standard braces, you may experience some discomfort when bumping up to the next aligner tray. It does come with a minimal change in lifestyle; you will want to remove your aligners before you eat, drink coffee, or enjoy a sugary beverage. This will ensure that your tray will not accommodate staining or retain cavity-forming food/drink particles.

Dawn Dental Centre will mold your custom aligners to perfectly match your teeth and the contours of your gums. This helps to ensure a high degree of comfort and success for our patients.

Can I Whiten My Teeth While Using Invisalign®?

This is one of the great benefits of wearing an orthodontic aligner tray all day. Yes, your Invisalign® tray can double as a tooth-whitening tray.

Am I Too Young (or Too Old) to Use Invisalign®?

Teeth can be corrected at any age. So no matter how young or old you are, you can still benefit from using Invisalign® aligner trays.

What Conditions are Not Treated with Invisalign®?

Patients with teeth that are severely crooked, gapped, or misaligned may need to go the route of traditional braces, or at least start treatment with bracket-and-wire braces.

Are Invisalign® Aligners Easy to Clean?

Caring for your Invisalign® aligners should be easy for most patients. You can simply rinse out your trays between uses, clean them with toothpaste, or use a mild denture cleaner.

Get Started with Invisalign®

For a consultation on Invisalign®, we invite you to call Dawn Dental Centre . We can help you smile beautifully while waiting for your perfect smile!

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